When you start your weight loss journey, you always have questions. Some of them are very specific about things like lifting techniques, macronutrients or work out gear. Other times you need to know more basic answers. These are lifestyle questions that are focused on the general parts of the fitness journey. These answers help you see the big picture. Here are answers to two common questions I get asked all the time.

When should I work out?

I always say that you should work out when you feel your best. It is very important to listen to your body when planning exercise. If you are exhausted, then it may be better to get some sleep before you go hard. It is always best to go to the gym when you feel alert and focused.

If you feel best in the morning, then go then. If you are not a morning person, then hit the gym later in the day. You can go at lunch or wait until after work. There is no wrong time to work out. The only wrong time is never!

You will hear people say that morning workouts are best or that you need to exercise at certain times of the day. That is great advice to follow if you can do it. But it is more important to find a sustainable workout schedule that fits into your daily life. If that means you work out at different times seven days a week, then so be it. You will still get all the benefits of exercise whether you go to the gym at 5 am or 5 pm.

When should I weigh myself?

I have a whole post dedicated to why you should throw your scale away. I am not a fan of the scale because people give the scale too much power. They let it take over their lives to the point where it negatively affects their mood and judgment.

I understand if you want to keep your scale around to check your progress. If you would like to track your weight, then only use the scale twice a month. Do not weigh yourself every day! You only need to weigh in once every 2 weeks at the most. Make sure you do it first thing in the morning after you go to the bathroom. There should be nothing in your stomach to make the number on the scale higher than it should be. You should also not wear any clothes for your weigh in. Clothes can add a surprisingly large amount to the scale!

Whenever you question if you are on the right track, check to see how you are doing. Are your habits producing results? Are you able to stay consistent? Do you feel better? If the answer to these questions, is yes then you are doing great! Do not change anything. Trust yourself and your body. You know what works best for you. Modify exercises when needed. Workout when it works best for you. Do not become a slave to the scale. You only need to seek answers when you stall out or regress in your journey. You are doing great! Keep going and work hard.