Listen, I know that salads are not exciting. It can be difficult to eat them. I did not eat my first salad until five years ago. In 2013. Yes, I am serious! I never ate salads before because I thought they were gross, boring and not satisfying. I have slowly become a salad person as I have lost weight and gotten fit. The thing about salads is that they really are good for you. The hype is real. But you have to use salads correctly in order to get the benefits from them. Here are the two ways you can speed up fat loss with salad.

1. Control Your Hunger

As you may know, I have a thing for sweets. It is hard for me to control myself when it comes to dessert. In order to avoid the temptation, I have started eating a huge salad before dinner. And when I say huge, I really mean it. I put as many greens as I can handle in the bowl and add in lots of veggies. This makes me feel full before I even begin my meal. By the time I finish dinner, I cannot possibly eat anything else. Therefore, I have no more room for dessert. I am not even tempted to sneak some chocolate in!

If you start eating one or two salads a day, you will greatly reduce your hunger without eating a ton of calories. When you correctly make a salad, you can get full on around 200 calories. Just make sure you are putting a lot of vegetables in and not a lot of junk. This brings us to our next point.

2. Get Your Nutrients

Eating salads helps me get so many of my micronutrients in. I usually use spinach for my greens. Make sure you use dark, leafy vegetables for the greens in your salad. Do not use iceberg lettuce! You can find a variety of dark green salad mixes at the grocery store or just use straight spinach. Add in as many vegetables as you like. You can use peppers, olives, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. You can add nuts but do not use too many. The calories from nuts can add up quickly. If your body can handle cheese, then add in cheese in as well!

Most importantly, make sure you are using the correct salad dressing. I have fallen in love with a salad dressing from Panera Bread that has literally changed my life. Their poppyseed dressing has great macros and is so delicious. Please do not drown your salad in Hidden Valley! That will not help you lose any weight or get your nutrients in. You can find some delicious ranch dressings from Primal Kitchen and Tessamae’s if you need your ranch dressing fix. Always read your ingredients and nutrition information before you buy any salad dressing. And always measure your portion so you are not accidentally overeating.

Eating a salad seems like a very simple and obvious fat loss hack, but it really does make a difference. I have personally experienced the benefits of salad and I want you to as well! You can make your salad fun and interesting with lots of veggies, cheese, protein and healthy salad dressing. Try to eat at least one a day and see how you feel. I guarantee that you will be full, feel better and eat less. Salads really are the perfect food.

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