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Online coaching is the future of fitness. I deliver you your customized workouts through a state of the art platform called Trainerize. An instructional video is included with each workout.

You are held accountable (which is the true value in online coaching) for completing and tracking each of your workouts through the software. So if you miss a workout, I will know and confront you about it.

Depending on your package, you will have access to me for guidance and encouragement. I will be sure to check in with you periodically to ensure that you are on the right path to achieving your fitness goals.

I will personally coach you on how to rebuild your nutrition habits. Not just merely send you a meal plan (which is included in all the packages)


There are many reasons why online coaching is better than the old gym model.

Better Value

In-person training can cost hundreds of dollars an hour for two or three sessions per week. This can add up quickly! But online training packages are a fraction of the cost of in-person training, for the same level of expertise and guidance in your personal health journey.

No More Working around a Trainer’s Schedule

Let’s face it. We all live busy lives. And it’s sometimes hard to commit to a regular time to meet your personal trainer and hit the gym. But with an online training regimen, you can train whenever and wherever you like! You don’t need to work around your trainer’s schedule, and you don’t need to reschedule anything!

Why hire Robert “Brix” Glover as your coach?

  • He’s a full time fitness professional who will make helping you reaching your goals his responsibility.
  • He’s been in your shoes and knows how to motivate you to become the best version of yourself.
  • He’s helped dozen’s of people lose weight and taught them how to keep the weight off for good!
  • He will do everything in his power to see to it that you’re successful!!


You will be 100% satisfied, but if for any reason you need to cancel, you can do so at anytime!