Amber Lunsford
Brixfitness coaching programs have the structure, accountability, and guidance needed to achieve and sustain your health and wellness goals. The first one I tried was the 12 week jumpstart program. Jumpstart is an understatement. As a complete newbie I feel that program supercharged me. I began to try new foods and practice a a much needed perspective shift. The second program I tried was the Goalbody Blueprint program. I learned how to weight train, create new habits, meditate, embrace vulnerability, manage my emotional eating, and patiently trust the process. Most of all I learned about a new level of awareness. This changed me profoundly! Suddenly my journey was no longer only about losing weight, but rather growing into wno wanted to macome When all the gyms closed due to covid I knew it was a matter of time before I would slowly start to convert back to my comfort zone. Signing up for one on one coaching was a must! The great thing about getting coaching one on one was I didn't have to think about it anymore. My meals and workouts were already planned out for me. I get to ask questions and get answers in real time, the app keeps a record of my workout progress, and the workouts are tailored for the home gym setup I have. Following the Brixftness programs I nave been able to loose 65los, evolve into a person of moral authority, develop tools of adaptation, become apart of a dope family with the Brixfitness Insiders, and energize my awareness to create the life I see for myself. Like so many others I'm sure you have heard Brix say *If you're truly ready for this journey sign up." If you were anything like me I'm sure you don't think that means you. But believe me the only ready you have to be is READY to not quit. -Amber Lunsford