Many people want to know what to expect on their weight loss journey. Everyone’s body is different so I cannot guarantee how your journey will go. However, I can guarantee that there will be both challenges and successes. This is true whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds. If you are just starting your journey, I want to share four things I wish I had known when I started losing weight.

1. Carbs are not the devil.

Many people think carbs are the enemy. They think they will immediately gain weight if they eat them. I used to think that too. However, I found throughout my journey that I can eat carbs and still lose body fat. But! Not everyone will have the same results as I did. It is important to experiment with your body and learn what your carb tolerance is. Click here to learn more about treating your body as a science experiment.

2. Throw out the timeline.

I thought it would take about 9 months to lose 100 pounds. I was very wrong. It took a total of 3 years to lose all the weight and get six pack abs. Timelines are one of the worst enemies of weight loss because they automatically set you up for failure. Weight loss is not linear or predictable. Your body will respond differently to different exercises, foods, and lifestyle changes. Save yourself the stress of a schedule and make healthy choices a part of your lifestyle. Let weight loss be a byproduct of the way you live instead of temporarily changing things to lose weight.

3. Do not take shortcuts.

Any effort I made to speed up the weight loss process only set me back further in the long run. At some point you will lose patience and want to cut carbs to the extreme, skip cheat meals or lose your lifestyle balance so you can just be done losing weight. Do not do it! This will only make you tired and make your body resistant to weight loss. If you do not feel well, you will not want to exercise. You will get discouraged and binge eat and revert back to the easy way. Patience is your friend. Remember, if weight loss happens quickly, there’s a 99% chance it will come back.

4. Do not worry about workout specifics.

If your goal is to be healthy and lose weight, then the details of each one of your workouts is not as important as consistency. Make sure you’re doing compound moves (working multiple body parts at a time) when you do strength work. Do a mix of whatever cardio you prefer. Focus on getting to the gym and working out consistently. There’s no such thing as the wrong workout unless it can harm you. As long as you are in the gym, moving your body, and getting your heart rate up, then you are doing it right. You will lose weight if you keep moving and do it consistently!