When I first started my journey, I remember being very intimidated every time I hit the gym. I would look around and see all of these fit guys and feel like I did not belong. I was also pretty clueless about what to do while I was there. My form was off and I did not have proper technique. I did not even know how to work the machines. (I may have gotten on a few machines backwards!) It was one of the very first things that I learned would be difficult for me in my weight loss journey. Eventually, I learned to become comfortable in the gym and so can you. Here are a few things to remember every time you start to feel intimidated in the gym.

First, the worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others. We are all on individual journeys because we are all different. You are only tormenting yourself when you look at super fit people and compare your body to theirs. You need to exist in your own bubble while you are at the gym. Always remember that you are there for your own personal mission and not someone else’s. They are doing their own thing and so are you. I know that while I am at the gym, I am only focused on myself. There is a good chance the people around you are not even looking at you!

Second, do not care what other people think. If someone cannot respect the work you are doing, then you should not care what they think about anything. I know this is easier said than done. You will probably have to practice this concept as you go about your workout. And remember, even when you get in shape, people will still judge you. They will always find something to criticize. Some people cannot be happy unless they are tearing others down. Avoid those people and make sure you are not like that!

Third, if you are uncomfortable in the gym, that is okay. That should be your first way to learn how to change. You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable to lose weight and get fit. If you always avoid discomfort, you will not get far in fitness or life. Learn to embrace this feeling and go to the gym anyway. Your future self will thank you.

I know this might not be a very popular post. I am basically telling you to just do it even if it is hard. But you need to! You will never change your body if you do not exercise. You will never become stronger if you do not lift weights. You will never be the best version of yourself if you do not leave your comfort zone. There is no other way around this. Remember that you are not the only overweight, intimidated person at the gym. It may feel like it sometimes, but everyone started somewhere. Those dudes by the free weights with a ton of muscle might have also lost 140 pounds and know exactly what you are going through. Just make the commitment, get in the gym, and do your work.