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Category - The Journey

Brix Fitness 140 lb Transformation video

The Journey


Are your weekends killing your fat loss progress?

The Journey

You go to the gym and work HARD 4 to 5 days a week. #CHECK You eat healthy all week #Check You get plenty of sleep #Check But you still can’t seem to get rid of that little…

The Wrong Way To Lose Weight

The Journey

Im going to start by saying something that most people aren’t going to want to hear. The number one WORSTEST EVER IN THE UNIVERSE OF EVEREST WAY to lose weight is FAST! Yes! Losing weight fast is the…

My 147 lb. Transformation Story

The Journey

How did you do it? I’ve probably been asked this question (whether though email, comment, text message, Direct message, Facebook chat, or Snap Chat message) thousands of times. I try to respond every single time the best way…

The Quest For Mr. Breast Fest

The Journey

The reigning Mr. Breast Fest Joshua Banks, approached me about an amazing opportunity to team up with an organization call “Beyond Boobs” to help raise money for breast cancer survivors. Every year they nominate an ambassador to serve…