You go to the gym and work HARD 4 to 5 days a week. #CHECK

You eat healthy all week #Check

You get plenty of sleep #Check

But you still can’t seem to get rid of that little bit of weight that stubbornly wont vacate your mid section. Your weekend habits may be the problem!


Starting Friday after work you hit happy hour with your co-workers. You have 3 long island ice teas BOOM!!!! 2000 calories ingested in 90 mins. Now your freaking starving and in this state (buzzed) you can’t stand the thought of having another chicken salad because you ate them every day this week because that’s what you think you have to eat in order to lose weight (ç this issue addressed in another blog post). So your semi intoxicated mind tells you its ok to “treat” yourself to some pizza because you’ve been “good” all week… But not only do you have pizza you have 3 slices of pizza!! Because you’ve been depriving yourself of foods you love all week (and mostly likely under eating) so now you can’t control the urge to binge on bad foods. In the morning you wake up feeling like total $h** because 1. you’re hung over, and 2. you ate a bunch of crap and now your feeling super guilty.


So it’s Saturday and you decide you should give your body a break from the gym. You already ate like a pig last night so you figure what the hell, I might as well mess up some more since I already messed up last night. So now the combination of your decreased activity (not going to the gym because its Saturday) and your increased caloric intake (The idea that “It’s the weekend and I ate good all week so what the hell”) leads to the total and utterly drastic reversal of any progress that you made all week.



-Take your rest days from the gym during the week and save your hardest workout sessions for the weekends. This will counterbalance the extra weekend calories

-Limit yourself to 3 drinks.

-Absolutely no sugary mixes.. Try mixing with club soda, water, or just drink it straight.

– Have your cheat meal mid week. And make the weekends a strict no cheat zone!