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12 week programs & HIIT program

Complete Package
A 12 Week GYM Based Program
Forming a vision for your body
How to form a new habit
Developing mental toughness
Calculating calorie requirements
Identify your body type and choose your macro setting
Create your grocery list
Listen to your body
Tracking Your Progress
Cardio for your body type
Warming up
How to lift weights properly
How to Pick your weights
Full 12 weeks of exercise (3 lifting days 2 active rest days 1 cardio day)
Exercise and Video guide
Training calendar
How to identify you body type
Macronutrients vs Micronutrients
Create your grocery list
Portion Control: Systematic vs. Calorie counting
Identifying your body type
And More...
HIIT program
30 Day At Home Program (no weights required)
No equipment needed
Stretches included
Videos and picture for each exercise
Extra Giveaway at the end: Abs and cardio