So You’re Finally Ready To Truly Lose Weight For Good!! Or are you….??

First and foremost you have to be ABSOLUTELY FED UP!! (Fed up with a few things) Fed up with looking in the mirror and not being in love with what you see, fed up with feeling self conscious when you put on what used to be your favorite jeans in the world, fed up with feeling unattractive, fed up with who you are; the lazy, excuse making, going hard for 3 weeks and quitting, doing stupid crash diets, “Ima start Monday” saying person you’ve always been before this moment. You literally will have to become an entirely new person with new habits and a new mindset if you plan on earning a new body. “You have to be completely exhausted with “trying” and failing, you have to be completely over trying the “newest weight loss crave”, you have to be completely over trying to cut corners, or taking short cuts. You tried under eating, you tried cutting all carbs, you tried the soup diet, the vegetable diet, the pink diet, the blue diet, the red diet, and NOOOOOWWWW you’re READY! You are ready to be patient, you are ready to trust the process, and you are ready to educate yourself on the fundamentals of nutrition. You are ready to invest some money in a trainer/fitness coach because your health is worth more to you than a designer handbag or new rims for your car. You are ready to slowly change your habits at a realistic pace. You are ready to commit to realistic adjustments to your lifestyle that you will be able to sustain FOREVER! You are ready to slowly develop the discipline you will need to be successful, and you are not going to be discouraged when you “slip up” a little. You are going to think ahead and not put yourself in temptations way. You are going to hold it together on the weekends. You are going to have one vodka w\club soda and a lite beer, instead of 4 long islands and 2 shots of patron. You are going to order a turkey burger and a side salad, instead of BBQ Wings and French fries… You are going to do all these things because you are finally ready to truly lose weight for good!!! Or are you???….

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  1. Phillip Staton

    I follow you on Facebook and your posts are life changing. You are a inspiration to myself and many other people wanting to get fit and be healthy. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Dimitri Choyce

    Your post has given me so much inspiration. I’ve been battling my weight since high school I’m 24 now and my dream goal is to serve in the United States Navy. Someone like you is truly blessed to have the knowledge about fitness ;now it’s time for me to with the excuses and follow my heart.

    1. admin

      Thank you so much. It’s been 3 years of constant research trail and error. Take your time. Learn what works for you then stick with it!

  3. Kate Bopape

    I see so much of myself there. Things I didn’t want to admit!!! Self betrayal has just been turned into a thing of the past,thank you for your words! Ima focus.

    1. admin

      It’s all a part of the process. The stage where you “BSed” was necessary. Now it’s time to make a promos to yourself and really do better this time.

  4. Lateisha Gray

    Good job Robbie. I love you bro and I’m glad that you are sharing the best you with the rest of us. I am seriously getting there but my schedule is so hectic sometimes a healthy meal and the gym gets scratched off the list. Im def looking forward to my forever change and being as great as you . ?

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