How Chips Can help You Lose Weight or Reach Any Goal!!!

If you you’ve been blessed enough to have lived a perfect life then this blog post may not be for you. But if you’re like me and have had to over come obstacle after obstacle, in order to get where you are, then please pay close attention to my message.

Whether your current focus in life is weight loss, career goals, financial goals, relationship goals or whatever change or improvement you are seeking, you have to understand that the achievement of these goals require a few key ingredients. I speak from my experience in transforming my body, knowing that the principals apply to almost any other area in our lives. It takes patience (one of the hardest parts of reaching any goal), resiliency, and DISCIPLINE. I think the Universe purposely made it extra difficult to acquire the riches (not just talking money) in life just to see who wants it bad enough to REALLY put the work in for it.

To get up and workout when you really “don’t feel like it”, to have the discipline to be consistent enough to change your eating habits forever, to stay in on a Friday night to get work done instead of hitting the bar with your friends. All these things take a level of discipline and motivation that most people don’t posses. Where does this discipline come from? What’s the engine that drives you to resist the impulses to do things that will move you further away from your goals? For me it was the enormous “chips” on my shoulder. Some may look at operating with a chip on your shoulder as a bad thing, but for me it’s been the fuel for my relentless quest to greatness.

My experience has proven in order to achieve monumental task, long-term consistency, patience and HARD WORK is required that require. It takes an inner fire that can only be lit by a few things. A hard life, the dire need to change your circumstances, and the desire to prove someone wrong are just a few things that can light that fire. Whether you have a parent that didn’t believe in your dream and shot it down when you talked to them. Or you (like me) had an ex tell you to your face that you’ll never be sh$% without them, or you’ve made mistakes in your life that lead to people turning their backs and counting you out. THIS STUFF IS GOLD!!!! Use it to drive you.


The next time you don’t feel like working out, close your eyes and imagine how it’s going to feel when you’re ex-boyfriend sees you in your 2 piece after dumping you. Relive the moment when you went to your grandmother’s house after not seeing her for a year and the first thing she said to you was “Damn you got big”. Use these things to drive you. The lack of drive to do the things we don’t want to separates us from achieving our goals. If you can use the chip on your shoulder to push you to take action despite “not feeling like it”, you’ll be ahead of the game. Challenge yourself to fight against that feeling. Create a habit of getting things done by any means necessary. Understand that the resistance you feel against doing task that will improve your life is your biggest enemy and will ultimately keep you away from success. Overcome it! You will definitely thank your self later. Trust me.

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